Attribute Rules - All fields must be visible?

06-18-2021 01:47 PM
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How come all attributes must be visible for Attribute Rules to function?

I would like to hide columns , like OBJECTID and SHAPE, from the users when they edit in the attribute table.  I don't understand why they must be visible.  

When I analyze a map with Attribute Rules which has a Feature Class with some column invisible, I get the following errors:  00302 All fields in datasets with attribute rules must be visible.




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00302: All fields in datasets with <value> must be visible: field <value> in layer <value> is not—Ar...

It doesn't say, but the link in the above

Data design—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

it just states that contingent values and attribute rules both require visible fields.  At the bottom of the last link... perhaps the reason for visible fields lies in the description of their functionality.  Who knows...

visibility doesn't pop up as and Idea

Attribute rules

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Hi TimJohnston3,

After some testing, I found that the following steps provided a suitable workaround:

  1. Remove all attribute rules and Contingent Values from the geodatabase.
  2. Publish Maps/Apps (with hidden fields)
  3. Re-deploy Attribute Rules and Contingent Values to the database.
  4. Restart any services that utilise layers configured with attribute rules and contingent values.


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