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ArcGIS Portal, Global IDs, and Many-to-Many Relationships

03-14-2019 01:55 PM
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I am trying to have a many-to-many relationship show up in ArcGIS Portal and I am wondering how that works.

So far, I've been able to get a one-to-many relationship to show up online using Global IDs and I see the pop-up that has an option to show related records.

However, I am trying to create a many-to-many relationship to show up online and it doesn't work. I have tried to create the relationship through a spatial join and through an intersect so far, but the Global ID fields - their field type turns to 'text' vs. 'Global ID ' in the output table after running the spatial join and after running an intersect. I would like to export that table created from the spatial join or intersect and append the Global ID fields I created into a many-to-many relationship class.

Second, joining a many-to-many table to a feature class works in Pro, but did not show up online correctly...I am wondering if I need to figure out the Global ID issue first, or if Portal doesn't have the capability to join a many-to-many relationship to a feature class.

In this case, I have a parcel dataset and an easement dataset. The easement dataset has a contract ID in it that I need to spatially join (one-to-many) to the parcels dataset. I export the table and want to append the Parcel Global ID and the easement Global ID in a many-to-many relationship class.

Overall, I would like to obtain a table of parcels by easement type and contract ID. Also, I would like to show in Portal, which parcels are affected by which contract ID and easement type, and that is where I would need to join the easements to the parcels. Example of the table I am looking for is below...I hope this can be joined with the parcel geometry so I can filter in Portal to show which parcels are under which contracts.

Parcel IDContract IDEasement Type

Any help would be appreciated - thank you!

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