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Any tool to copy SDE Versions from one database to another

03-22-2019 06:50 AM
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Hello everyone,

Environment  ArcSDE 10.4.

We are contemplating the option to remove all versions for a SDE database, compress, unversion layers, and then version to fix a problem we are having with versioning trees.

If we make a copy of the current SDE database with all versions in a backup/copy. Then we remove all versions, compress and  unversion, and version back with only Default in the main SDE database. Is there a way to copy back a few versions from the backup to the main SDE.

The main question is to know if there is a way to copy a specific version from one SDE database to another SDE database. Knowing that both SDE databases have the same schema.

It could be also the case of restoring a specific version from a backup. 


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You can't backup or restore a Specific version.

However, if you connect to a specific version in the "Geodatabase Connection Properties" of the SDE Connection file and then copy the data to a File gdb or any other gdb, it should only copy data present in that version.....thus creating a sort of backup of data present in that 1 specific version.

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Try reconcile and post all version to Default and then compress. Check if that helps to fix the version tree issue.

Can you explain what is the version tree issue you are observing. You may fix the issue without deleting child versions.

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Good morning everyone,

We contacted Esri and they remote our SDE database and fixed the system tables having the problem with an invalid parent id error, orphan versions, and lineage tree.

Everything works as expected now.