Advise on Backup stratergy as database has numerous nologging tables

05-18-2018 09:48 AM
New Contributor

We have our main production database running with numerous nologging operations. the current backup and recovery strategy is :hotbackup early sunday morning when there is less activity in the database (less nologging operations) and  archive backup twice daily.
since we have so many tables with nologging our test restore and recovery results were not promising,as part of our test we restored hotbackupfiles and did a roll forward using the archive logs though I'm able to recover and open the has number of corrupt blocks as expected.

I understand the performance gains provided by nologging operations however at the same time we want a robust backup and recovery solutions if need arises.

It is actually hard to find a time(db used in by end users in diff time zones) when there are nologging operation to take a hotbackup as nologging is not confined to specific set of tables/tablespaces or any ETL or batch jobs.

I plan to implement RMAN level 0 every sunday and incremental every mentioned we have difficulty in finding time to run the backup when there are nologging operations.

Could you please advise on the best approach on how to handle backup and recovery?

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