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Active-Active Geodatabase with Versioning

07-01-2016 10:50 AM
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Please help me here.

We are getting ready to migrate from Oracle to SQL Server and in the process our Network group has determined that it is a good time to make everything highly available.  Their suggestion is to have an active-active environment for our enterprise geodatabase.  Last year, ESRI suggested to us to use an active-passive environment for our geodatabase.  Of course versioning is turned on with quite a few feature classes.

Am I correct in thinking that the active-active environment is not necessarily a good idea with versioned data?  In a file-based system with non-versioned data, I can see where this makes total sense, not so much with versioning.

I hope someone has some experience with this.

Any advice is totally helpful!



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Hi Cameron,

You may want to review this information:

Connections to highly available SQL Server databases—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

If you need for information, I would recommend creating a new case with Esri Technical Support


Enterprise GIS

--- George T.
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Thank you George! 


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