Mobile As-Builting for Gas with ArcGIS Field Maps

02-10-2022 07:12 AM
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Thru 2021 the Esri Gas team worked with multiple natural gas organizations to help them deploy ArcGIS Field Maps to construction crews. This effort builds on the Tracking and Traceability capabilities such as GPS, Laser Range Finder, and barcode scanner integration accomplished prior to 2021. The 2021 effort resulted in many enhancements to automating the construction documentation process. A few of these enhancements include:

  • Realtime decoding of the barcode
  • Compatible unit table lookup for non-barcoded plastic and steel assets
  • Automatic assignment of Construction Project ID to collected assets
  • Automatic assignment of PressureTestID to all tested assets

This video demonstrates how a configuration of ArcGIS Field Maps can be used to address the mobile as-builting needs of gas organizations.

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Any ideas as to when the "new" map viewer (and ultimately, Smart Forms) will be available for portal?



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Hi Eugene,

The ArcGIS Field Maps application was released for Apple and Android last week (March 28th, 2022). This update includes the ability to run the Form Expressions. Now within ArcGIS Field Maps a mobile user can instantly decode the asset barcode and query an asset catalog lookup table to retrieve asset characteristics for non barcoded assets such as steel pipe.  But this is only half of the solution.  The 2nd part is the administrative tool to configure the smart form with these arcade scripts.  that requires the Field Maps Web application.  This has already been released for ArcGIS Online.  For Enterprise implementations it will be included in the next release, which will be ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0, scheduled for July 2022.  

Tom DeWitte

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