UPDM implementation from Zero does not allow to create networks

08-07-2021 08:21 AM
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I started using the "Gas and Pipeline Data Management for ArcGIS Enterprise", I made the deployment of the version 1.2 (it includes a UPDM deployment solution for the version 2020). 

Following the instructions provided in here I tried to prototype a single user  environment with WGS 1984 as Geographical Coordinates Reference system.

I found the first detail:

In my experience with the UPDM 2016, UPDM 2018 the APR was configured using the P_Centerline feature class, in this version, I found the script that enable APR uses PipelineLine feature class as Centerline Feature Class. (I have not check yet in the data dictionary of UPDM 2020 to know if this is a bug or a change in the Data Model).

Following my instincts, I modify the LRS using the P_Centerline feature class as the Centerline Feature Class (If I made a huge mistake here, please let me know).

After having a file geodatabase configured as UPDM, with APR, I said to myself: "Myself, let's create a couple of centerlines, then using those centerlines create some routes in the Engineering Network, and just for fun, we will create a couple of Pipeline devices"

I created a couple of centerlines (Nothing fancy, just create a couple of lines using editing tools in ArcGIS Pro). Now, lets go for the for the routes, when I try to use the Create Route tool, I am no able to do it, the tool does not recognize the centerlines as proper geographic objects :


  1. Centerlines created
  2. Create Route Tool says that the centerlines does not have valid measures.
  3. The selection pane identify the length of the shape as the creator (Is there a bug?)
  4. The fields "From Measure" and "To Measure" in the tool appear disable

With this situation, my dream of having my own little UPDM 2020 with information was crashed 😞

Then I decided to create a new empty File geodatabase (WGS 1984), and created the required structure to make this FGDB a APR enable FGDB, after doing that with the CreateLRS tool:


arcpy.locref.CreateLRS(r"C:\Temp2\APR\APR_FROM_SCRATCH.gdb", "ALRS", "Centerline", "Calibration_Point", "Redline", "Centerline_Sequence", 'GEOGCS["GCS_WGS_1984",DATUM["D_WGS_1984",SPHEROID["WGS_1984",6378137.0,298.257223563]],PRIMEM["Greenwich",0.0],UNIT["Degree",0.0174532925199433]];-400 -400 1000000000;-100000 10000;-100000 10000;8.98315284119521E-09;0.001;0.001;IsHighPrecision', "8.98315284119521E-09 DecimalDegrees", "0.001 Meters", "0.000000001 DecimalDegrees", "0.0001 Meters")



In that point of time, I created my three centerlines, to be able to create the routes in the network, then, I tried to create the routes:


Everything looks perfect, I was able to create the routes.

After all this comments, code and images, the question remains:

How I create my basic Pipeline infrastructure (Lines/Routes/Assets) in UPDM 2020 in a File Geodatabase?

By the way, I was using ArcGIS Pro 2.8 when the problem appear, and today after updating to 2.8.2, the problem is still present.







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I remembered my instructor in the course Getting Started with Linear Referencing : he said "We use the Redline Feature class as a sandbox to create modifications in the lines/routes, then move them to the proper feature classes"

I said to myself: "Miself, lets create a centerline in  the redline and using the AppendRoutes tool, we will be able to have the routes AND the centerline"

Well, I just tried to create a line in the RedLine FC: I was able to create the geometry, but as soon as I start modifying the fields (required information to use the AppendRoutes Tools, this happend):


Good grief!!


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Hi @Cristian_Galindo,

The issue here appears to be modifying the LRS to use the P_Centerline feature class. When enabling APR to use with UPDM, the PipelineLine feature class was configured to be the Centerline for APR, and the PipelineLine feature class has the necessary schema to be used for APR. Further, when you changed this configuration to use P_Centerline instead of PipelineLine, the P_Centerline feature class did not have the necessary schema for use with APR (the error message stated there were no From and To measures).

In short, you can create your own LRS and use the P_Centerline feature class as you have discovered (with necessary schema; i.e. also m enabled), but if you enable APR to use with UPDM, by default, you create routes from the PipelineLine feature class. Just remember to populate your From and To Engineering measures on the PipelineLine (Centerline) features.

FYI: See Manage Pipeline Referencing and a Utility Network together for more information.

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Hello @JSchroeder , thanks for your answer.

I have to point some details:

The error message points that  


please take note that in the image, the chosen centerlines tool, do not read properly the shapeLength, That could be an indication of a bug in ArcGIS Pro.

As I mentioned, I created an empty file geodatabase, then I created an LRS from Scratch (using


) the centerline table is created with only 4 fields, and the selection process works ok (see following image)


I also checked in this example (the one in the image above), the properties of the Centerline (from a LRS created from Scratch), and the properties match, i.e. m values are no enabled:



So, as you can see the issue is not about missing Fields in the P_Centerline (from UPDM), or missing the m value.

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As @JSchroeder one BIG mistake I made was to modify the LRS.

What can be concluded:

  1. If I am going to use UPDM + UN +APR, the centerlines must be created in the PipelineLine Feature Class.
  2. To use UPDM+APR, there is a lack in the documentation/tasks in "Gas and Pipeline Data Management for ArcGIS Enterprise".
  3. In order to use UPDM+APR, It is required to apply the asset package, remove the UN, then create the LRS using an existing dataset.


I keep thinking that the "Create Route" tool either has a bug or a lack of feedback for the user.

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