For anyone in the gas/utilities world using ESRI to do inspections

11-06-2019 03:49 PM
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For anyone in the gas/utilities world using ESRI to do inspections. How/what does your review process looks like when it comes to supervisors reviewing their employees inspection data? What products are you using to do that? 


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We have an enterprise GIS and have multiple maps on ArcGIS Online. The Servicemen will collect a point, add remarks and date and make the status  "Field Review." If a location has a status of "Field Review" it shows up on the supervisors map. If the status changes to "Crew" or "Office Review" the location then shows up on those maps accordingly based on pre-set queries. There is one master map that shows all the status types:

Inspections are a work in progress and each year we do a lessons learned and make changes before the new year starts.

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The answer is largely dependent on what software was used to gather the initial inspection information to begin with, but we typically try and have our supervisors and engineers use web applications built using the Esri Web App Builder to access the resulting data.  We'll typically flag the inspection with some sort of status indicating it needs to be reviewed (similar to the above post), assign it to a named resource, then point them to a map that will show them just the items they need to review (hosted layer views).

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