#AtHomeGIS Scruminars for Utilities & Telecommunications (Esri)

03-31-2020 08:26 PM
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If scruminar was a word, it would be used to describe our new agile webinar series for GIS professionals in Utilities and Telecommunications. Rather than spending your time at home binge watching Netflix, join the Esri team for a new webinar series of #AtHomeGIS.

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Previous Webinars

Video Link : 6287 - Held on May 20th

From tracking weather, assets, vehicles and even phones and tablets the challenge is understanding all that real-time data and acting. Learn how Esri can help with our real-time solutions including Tracker and GeoEvent.

Video Link : 6137 - Held on April 21st

Join Zachary Aguayo and Jessica Altamira as they dive into the world of touchless mobile data collection utilizing the ArcGIS Platform. Together, we’ll explore ways to automate data collection by voice and enable smart notifications to the business units that need to know first! In just 30 minutes, we will teach you how to stand up a QuickCapture project, enable voice command data collection, and generate workforce tasks with just a few words! So grab a bag a chips and let’s ArcGIS!

Video Link : 6037- Held on March 31st   

In just 30 minutes, Patrick and Brian will share tips & tricks, show how you can quickly get started, and discuss some of the ways that you can start to use this initial release of ArcGIS Experience Builder to get immediate value for your organization.

For feedback or comments on topics you'd like us to cover, feel free to comment below. 


Esri Utilities and Telecommunications Team

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