Tracking and Traceability 2020 - Scripts

03-04-2020 10:55 AM
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Tracking and Traceability 2020 - Scripts

This zip file contains the arcade scripts to enhance Collector for ArcGIS with the following capabilities:

1) To decode the ASTM F2897 barcodes used by natural gas industry plastic pipe and component manufacturers. This works in both a network connected and a network disconnected mode.

2) Perform real-time validation of the collected pipe and pipe component information.  Validation checks include:

   -Verify medium density and high density polyethylene components have not exceeded industry recommended shelf life.

   -Verify the pipe or pipe component manufacturer is a gas organization approved manufacturer.

   -Verify the pipe type and size are compliant with gas organization codes and standards.

3) Automatically capture GPS data and write to feature attributes (GPSX, GPSY, GPSZ).

4) Automatically calculate and populate the pipe feature's pipe volume and surface area when record is submitted to server.


 Additionally, the zip file contains documentation on how to apply these arcade scripts as attribute rules and as expressions to your web maps for Collector.  


If you have questions, or suggestions for further improvement of the Collector for ArcGIS digital data collection process, please post them to Geonet, so everyone can see and share the information.


Thank you

Tom DeWitte

Esri Technical Lead – Natural Gas Industry

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