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Native mobile app for Esri training courses

07-16-2023 01:42 AM
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New Contributor III

Hello GIS champions!
I hope you're doing great!
I am Hajar, A such passion person in the field of GIS. a self-learner, always searching for new knowledge related to the Esri platform for applying several GIS solutions. I found Esri Learning source as the container of GIS information, but unfortunately, I can't reach my courses easily when I have limited access to my laptop. Sometimes, I must catch a video or re-read a document inside the course.
Imagine with me! What about having a mobile app for ESRI Training courses, like (Udemy, EDX, and so on..) to get unlimited accessibilities to the Esri courses?
Let's discuss this idea!

Thanks, Have a nice day.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Hajar, thanks for sharing your idea for an Esri training app, and I love your passion for GIS and learning. 🙂 Our team has been actively working on ways to enhance the mobile experience at Esri Academy. I'll share your idea with them. Who knows, anything is possible with the right technology. 🙂

New Contributor III

Hi Suzanne ! Thank you for taking the time to read my idea and for your kind words! It's really exciting to hear that your team is actively focusing on improving the mobile experience at Esri Academy. I truly believe that a dedicated training app could be a game-changer for GIS enthusiasts like me, and I appreciate your willingness to share my idea with your team.😊

Indeed, with the right technology and creative solutions, the possibilities are endless. I'm thrilled at the prospect of a more accessible and engaging way to learn about GIS through a mobile app. I'll eagerly await any updates and developments regarding this. Thanks again for your support and open-mindedness to new ideas! 😄

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