ArcGIS Pro for Linux?

02-03-2023 11:37 AM
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I signed up for a MOOC which requires ArcGIS Pro, but have since realized there doesn't seem to be a Linux version. I've seen references to ArcGIS Enterprise for Linux but not specifically the Pro version. Can anyone verify whether there is a Linux option for this MOOC? Thanks.

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There is no ArcGIS Pro for Linux.

I used to run ArcMap in a VirtualBox environment on Linux and in Parallels on Mac but have not tried Pro. You still have to have a copy of Windows installed in the virtual machine. I found that Parallels was a better option on Mac because it has a decent video emulator. VirtualBox was slower due to its mediocre video system. 

Currently I keep a desktop around with Windows at home solely to run ArcGIS Pro.

I would recommend going dual boot Linux and Windows instead of using a VM so that you can have whatever the optimal video driver is for your computer installed.

BTW I have three Mac laptops around at home, and all three are converted to run Linux now.


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Here is some documentation on this:

Hope it helps!

--- George T.
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Hi Matt, our MOOCs provide access to ArcGIS Pro, which runs on Windows, and we support the software that we provide for use during the course. It's possible to run ArcGIS Pro in a virtualized environment as noted below but we strongly encourage you to use the software we provide...just in case you run into any issues. Which we don't want you to. 🙂 Thanks for signing up!

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