ArcGIS Desktop Spatial Analysis Tutorial

04-29-2020 11:48 AM
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I have several questions about Exercise 3 of the ArcGIS Desktop Spatial Analysis tutorial.  Where would be the most appropriate place to ask these questions?

Thank you.

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William Cole‌ You can ask them here. Just provide us the location of the tutorials you are working on so we can follow along with your questions.

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Thank you very much for the guidance.  The questions follow, with the hope that I've provided enough information.

Exercise 3 of the ArcGIS Desktop Spatial Analysis Tutorial is located here:

I printed the exercise so I could write notes on it.  The page numbers refer to the printed document.

1.  When the tutorial in exercise 3, page 8,  mentions finding “locations close to recreation sites” in connection with “deriving distance from recreation sites”, I'm assuming that the "from" point is the recreation site point but what is the "to" point?

2.  Same question for schools' locations.  I'm assuming the answers are the same, but am not sure.

3. Why is the destination point placed where it is?

4. What is the thinking that went into the assignment of different weights to each of the landuse types?  Page 19.

5. Same question about the “% influence” column values associated with the data elements used in the Weighted Overlay tool, page 19.

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