Creating Python Scripts for ArcGIS Class Resources

08-02-2018 12:29 PM
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Creating Python Scripts for ArcGIS Class Resources

Lesson 01 Python automation for your organization:

Lesson 02 Using geoprocessing tools in Python

Lesson 03 Using Describe Objects

Lesson 04 Automating Python Scripts with Lists

Lesson 05 Working with Cursors

A new data access module (arcpy.da) was added in ArcGIS 10.1. The previously existing cursors (that are still listed under arcpy) are still functional and valid; however, the new arcpy.da cursors include significantly faster performance. In most cases, the help will illustrate the use of the arcpy.dacursors.

Lesson 06 Working with Geometry objects

Lesson 07 Error management techniques

Lesson 8 Creating a Python Script tool

Lesson 9 Adding Validation to Script tools

Lesson 10 Using Python script tools in the platform

Esri Python Courses

Python Related Geonet Communities

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Good stuff! Thanks.

Does this course primarily focus on arcpy or using the ArcGIS API for Python?

Hi Tommy,

It is a 3 Day course that focuses on arcpy and arcpy workflows.

The ArcGIS API for Python is not covered in this class.

Thanks for the question.


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