Creating Maps and Visualizations with ArcGIS Course Resources

09-27-2019 02:47 PM
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Creating Maps and Visualizations with ArcGIS Course Resources

This 3-day course focuses on the ArcGIS Platform’s Mapping & Visualization pattern of use.  Students will learn workflows and best practices for creating effective visualizations. Topics extend beyond traditional cartography, and include options about how to make web maps, 3D scenes, animations, temporal visualizations and non-spatial charts as additional information products to visualize data using the ArcGIS Platform. You can learn more about the class in our Training Catalog here.




Blog (Field): Using a mapmaking checklist for map design

Map Evaluation Guidelines Checklist

ArcUser (Buckley, Field): Making a meaningful map

Web Course (covers the cartographic workflow): Planning a Cartography Project

Web Course: Getting Started with Mapping and Visualization


Data and Generalization

Blog (Nagi): On map scale and raster resolution

Blog (Berry and Herries): Explore Your Data First

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: An overview of the Generalization toolset

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: Understanding conflict resolution and generalization


Projections and Coordinate Systems

Esri Technical Support: How to Select a suitable map projection or coordinate system

Video: Introducing Coordinate Systems and Transformations

Blog (Nelson): Earth Peel

Web Course: Displaying Data in ArcGIS Pro


Symbology and Cartography

Blog (Field): Brewing a new color palette for ArcGIS Pro

Blog (Herries): Better Breaks Define Your Map’s Purpose

Blog (Nelson): Multivariate Dot Density

Blog (Nelson): Throwing Shade: Geo-Aware Vignette Layer

Blog (Buckley): Graphic design principles for mapping: Figure-ground Organization

Blog (Davison, via Nelson): How to Make this Migration Map… and Why

Blog (Nelson): One Minute Map Hacks

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: Color model diagrams for RGB and HSV (Conversion function)

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: Color

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: Apply visual effects

Web Course (covers symbology): Map Design Fundamentals

Web Course: Managing Map Layers in ArcGIS Pro


Labels and Annotation

Web Course: Labeling Features Using ArcGIS Pro

Web Course: Working with Annotation in ArcGIS



Blog (Buckley): Does every map need a north arrow and scale bar?

Web Course: Creating a map layout


Web Maps and Smart Mapping

Blog (Buckley): Cartographic design for web maps

Blog (Berry): 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Maps

Blog (Berry): Map Multiple Attributes at Once using Predominance

ArcUser (Buckley): Designing Great Web Maps

Tutorial: Getting Started with Map Viewer

Training Seminar: Create Data Visualizations Using Smart Mapping in ArcGIS

Story Map: How to Smart Map: Color

Technical Resource: How to change the projection in ArcGIS Online in one easy step

Web Course (covers layout and output): Creating a map for the web

Esri Academy Learning Plan: Make Your Own Smart Maps


Vector Tiles

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: Author a map for vector tile creation

Video: Desktop Mapping: Creating Vector Tiles

Design your own custom styles for Esri Vector Basemaps: Esri Vector Style Editor

Web Course: Design and Publish Basemaps

Web Course: Creating Vector Tiles in ArcGIS Pro



Blog (Meriam): Earthquake Mapping Park I: One symbol from multiple fields in Arcade

Blog (Meriam): Automatically Resize Symbols by Map Scale in Arcade

ArcGIS Arcade Blogs

ArcUser: Why You Need (and Want) Arcade

Story Map: How to Smart Map: Arcade

Developer’s Arcade Documentation

GitHub ArcGIS Arcade Expressions

Even more Arcade resources! 


Blog (Esri Press Team): Get Started with 3D Mapping

ArcMap Documentation: Fundamentals of Surfaces  

ArcMap Documentation: Multipatches

City Engine Web Scene Examples

Story Map: Terrain Tools Tour

Web Courses: 3D Visualization Using ArcGIS Pro



Blog (Nyenhuis): Pie Charts: Dos and Don’ts

Video: Data Visualization for Spatial Analysis

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: Types of Tabular Charts


Animations and Time

Blog (Buckley): Working with Temporal Data in ArcGIS

ArcGIS Pro Documentation: Animation transitions

Web course: Creating and Sharing Animations in ArcGIS Pro



(Esri Press) Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS Users second edition, is a comprehensive guide to creating maps that communicate effectively. In Designing Better Maps, renowned cartographer Cynthia A. Brewer guides readers through the basics of good cartography, including layout design, scales, projections, color selection, font choices, and symbol placement. 

(Esri Press) Cartography. by Kenneth Field is an inspiring and creative companion along the nonlinear journey toward making a great map. 


Additional Resources for Design Inspiration

Esri gallery: Maps we Love

Esri Map Book

Kenneth Field’s Carto Maps: Thematic maps of the 2016 Presidential election




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