ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS Course Resources

03-03-2017 07:59 AM
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ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS Course Resources

ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS

This course introduces GIS concepts and ArcGIS tools used to visualize real-world features, discover patterns, and communicate information. Using ArcMap and ArcGIS Online, you will work with GIS maps, explore data, and analyze maps and data as you learn fundamental concepts that underlie GIS technology.

Esri Training Services

            With the Esri Training Services website, you can manage all your GIS training needs. Here you can find professional training, as well as, E-Learning resources, many of which are free to organizations with a current maintenance plan. There is also free training available for anyone, such as Getting Started with GIS. Simply check the boxes for either “Available with Maintenance” or “Free Training” to see what is available to you.  You can also manage your learning activity including your certificates for Instructor Led Courses. Simply go to My Learning then Learning Activity to see a list of training you have taken. You will need an Esri user account to access this option.

For those that have completed this course:

The resources below are organized by lesson with links to resources for each element of that lesson. This is a partial listing meant to get you started, there are many more learning resources available.

Lesson One: The ArcGIS platform

Lesson Two: The Basics of GIS

Lesson Three: Understanding GIS data

Lesson Four: Importance of coordinate systems

Lesson Five: Acquiring and selecting GIS data

Lesson Six: Interacting with a map

Lesson Seven: Performing Spatial Analysis

Lesson Eight: Sharing Results

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