Esri Certification Vendor Account Management

03-22-2022 09:30 AM
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Esri Certification Vendor Partner Account Management

If you recently became Esri certified, it’s time to ensure your vendor partner account profiles are updated to ensure that you can tell the world about your achievement! 

To ensure that your certification achievements are included in the Directory of Certified Individuals, Esri Success Stories, or your My Esri Academy Dashboard select your Primary ArcGIS Public Account and complete the process below.    

Pearson VUE Account

Begin with Pearson VUE, the first Vendor Partner account you created when beginning your certification journey.

  1. Sign In at the Pearson VUE Home Page for Esri:
  2. From the Dashboard, click the My Profile tab to review your account settings for: Personal, Primary Contact Information, and Communication Preferences. Please contact customer service for any information that cannot be updated online.
  3. You'll want to mindful of the email address and company information, as this information should match your Esri ArcGIS Account, Alpine CertMetrics, and Credly account profiles.  
  4.  Return to the Dashboard and Select the Additional Information tab to update your current relationship and customer number. This information will also need to match in your Esri ArcGIS Account, Alpine CertMetrics, and Credly account profiles.  This is critical because as per the Program Agreement, without completing the opt in process, Esri will not be able to promote your achievement within our various promotional opportunities, including the Directory of Certified Individuals, Esri Success Stories, or your My Esri Academy Dashboard. 

CertMetrics Account

Once you have completed these steps, your information will be automatically imported to your Alpine CertMetrics account to align your profile key information. It is important to note that you must login to your CertMetrics account to update your profile "Opt-In" selection.

  1. Sign In to CertMetrics for Esri: 
  2. From the My CertMetrics Profile, select the Opt-In Settings and update the Certification Candidate Policy, Relationship to Esri, and Customer Number of the organization you belong to.
  3. Take time to also review the My Information, Addresses, and Email History to ensure your account profile is accurate.

Once you have updated both profiles, your information will automatically import to the Directory of Certified Individuals and the Success Stories tool, allowing you to post your story and easily interact with and share your certification achievement with a global audience.  If you have any questions about the process, complete our Contact Us Form for support.

Credly Account

  1. Sign In to Credly for Esri
  2. Review your Account Settings to ensure your email matches your other Vendor Partner Accounts.
  3. Review your Organizations to ensure your Auto-Accept list allows Esri to issue your digital badges.
  4. Take time to also review your Profile, Notifications, Career Preferences, Learning Goals, Privacy + Security to ensure you get the most from this account.

Congrats on achieving your certification and we wish you the best on the rest of your certification journey! 

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