Jump-Start Your Application Development

04-18-2017 05:09 PM
Esri Contributor
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Successful application development should be a priority for companies looking to gain or maintain their competitive advantage. While, ideally, many companies are equipped to leverage our technology in-house, we recognize the development process can be complex —and assembling a development team isn’t always easy.

For companies seeking help to achieve the most capable and cost-effective deployment of ArcGIS, we suggest enlisting the domain expertise and extensive capabilities of our expert Professional Services team, service providers, and Esri Partner Network (EPN). EPN is a worldwide community designed to meet the needs of many business types and sizes. These businesses can range from startups like yourself to multinational companies delivering geocentric solutions around the globe.

The Esri Startup Program has assembled a network of our go-to experts that are familiar with the program and its expectations. They are trusted to assist with jump-starting the development and delivery of your geospatial solutions and services based on Esri technology.

  • Blue RasterProvides dynamic web and mapping solutions that help clients use the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to achieve their missions. For more than 15 years, government, business and non-profit organizations have relied on Blue Raster for a broad range of GIS services, including spatial database development, custom web and mobile mapping applications, spatial analysis, business mapping, Cloud deployment, data conversion, consulting, and training.
    Analysis | Apps | DataViz info@blueraster.com
  • Geo Jobe: GEO Jobe has been providing GIS applications, solutions, and services since 1999. Additionally, GEO Jobe is the developer of several leading applications for ArcGIS Online available via the ArcGIS Marketplace. Their flagship application, Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, a powerful toolset for administrators within ArcGIS Online organizations, is an award winner and has gained wide recognition as the highest-rated free applications in the marketplace. GEO Jobe has worked with Esri business partner companies to provide knowledge and technology to support their path to entry into the marketplace. Their years of experience in this domain has made them a powerful resource for many Esri business partners interested in application development using the ArcGIS platform, and are a 'go-to partner' for getting your ArcGIS Marketplace apps built and marketed. connect@geo-jobe.com
  • GeoMarvel: A geospatial software development company expertise on strategy, design, and development for GIS and location-based projects, applications, and solutions. GeoMarvel spends its time pushing the limits of technology and GIS. We specialize in software architecture, web and mobile development, cloud infrastructure design, e-learning & trainings, and building scalable applications for our clients. Our specialty is building and developing. support@geomarvel.com
  • One Degree North (ODN): A geospatial innovation and consulting firm. ODN partners with organizations around the world to create software and hardware solutions leveraging the most advance geospatial capabilities in the market today.  Our specialties include imagery, complex GIS problems, and solution/product architecture consulting. info@onedgreenorth.io
  • WebMapSolutions: A new breed of geospatial companies. WebMapSolution's consulting arm provide guidance, planning and understanding, while their development team solve problems from simple to the most complex. They are user-centric, always focused on solving business problems. Commercial sectors are a particular area of emphasis and expertise, as well as partnerships. Staying focused on the path from problem to solution, and always providing and demonstrating value, are our guiding principals. Our speciality is solution architecture, plus desktop, web, and mobile development.  matt.sheehan@webmapsolutions.com

Of course, there are many other options to select from. Find out more about the global community of Esri providers and partners here: Esri Partner Network 

Interested in Esri professional services? Esri offers a variety of services to help achieve the most capable and cost-effective deployment of ArcGIS, contact startups@esri.com for special rates.

Whether you need help with an ArcGIS assessment or installation or need help defining the problem(s) you’re trying to solve and the ideal technology and business strategies, these providers can help guide you through this difficult decision-making process in order to deliver smart, timely, cost-effective solutions. 

For more information contact startups@esri.com.