ArcGIS Online Security Advisor v2.0.4 has been released!

12-20-2019 06:08 PM
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The ArcGIS Online (AGO) Security Advisor has been updated.  For information regarding this product, see the ArcGIS Online Security Advisor story map.  You can launch the app from the ArcGIS Trust Center.  See the release notes below!

This release focuses on the up coming AGO HTTPS only enforcement September 2020. The HTTP Check is no longer beta and supports processing up to 1000 content items by analyzing the item page and the item's data information (if it can be handled as JSON - the HTTP Checker's help page identifies the content data types that are not processed). Improvements will be made as needed.

Use the search by just pressing the 'enter' key to scan all available items or enter keywords into the search filter to focus on specific content items. For more information, check out the HTTP Checker's help content once you've logged into the application.

The AGO HTTPS only enforcement is expected to be implemented in September 2020.

v2.0.4 - 2019/DEC/06

HTTP Check

  • No longer Beta. Further improvements will be made as needed.
  • Corrected issue that would prevent item page info from being processed and results displayed if there was an issue with that item's data information.
  • Increased processing count to first 1000 items (up from 100).
  • UI Updates
  • Help text updated.

Application Changes

  • Click on visitor page footer version number to view release notes.
  • Adjusted text on visitor page to highlight that the advisor is not officially supported through Esri but is offered and maintained by the Esri Software Security & Privacy Team. Provided email address for questions.
  • Adjusted the left side navigation menu to float and move with screen scroll.
  • Updated bootstrap, jquery and arcgis javascript libraries to current versions.

Settings Advisor

  • Policy message updated to include warning text when Social Logins is enabled.



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