wanna to know how to assign the another district after district 1 be assigned

11-01-2020 01:24 AM
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I want to ask the question about districting for ArcGIS.. how to define the others district after defining district 1 (D1) that using the optimal target.. for example, I choose the number of districts is 6, so the value for the optimal target is 570597 then I bounding to be 570600.. then, when to redraw the grouping for each district, first I understand that for D1, I should find the total based on optimal target but it is for D1, but for another district such as D2 until D6... what the total number should I refer? please help me

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When selecting the total number of districts for your target area, the software will automatically divide the total population by the number of districts you select. The optimal target is that output calculation. If you select various districts, please note the target number will change on the fly. Also note the optimal target will get added to the attribute table.
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