Can you map related data in ArcGIS Online?

07-02-2020 07:36 AM
New Contributor

I have a catch basins layer (swinlets) and a separate table containing catch basin cleaning records for the last few years (2018 to present).  I would like to create a map layer showing catchbasins color-coded by what year they were cleaned.  Some catchbasins will have been cleaned each year, so I need to make sure the most recent year is used to determine which color is displayed.  How would I do this in ArcGIS Online?  I'm working exclusively in ArcGIS Pro on the desktop side.  I've tried playing with query tables in Pro but am still trying to figure that out.  Ideally it would be something I could set up once in ArcGIS Online that would update on the fly if I update the cleaning table.  Thanks!

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