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Post-Esri User Conference Reminder: Take advantage of the recorded sessions

07-28-2022 02:32 PM
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Livingt Atlas: An introduction

If you attended EsriUC or registred for digital / hybrid access please remember that you have access to all the session recordings (more than 70 technical sessions I believe) and other session recordings will be available on the 2022 UC event platform from August 11, 2022 through October 14, 2022.

If you haven't logged into the Event recording resource yet I'm sure you'll be pleased once you do. Session recordings are delivered in high resolution, having been recorded by our team of professionals! Videos are also provided with closed captions if needed, while the questions asked from the hybrid audience are also available for your viewing (see image above). 

But it gets even better! While you can enjoy the video recording at your leisure, starting and stopping in order to take notes of important information, you can also request a follow up with an Esri sales team member and connect directly with the presenters - nice! Additionally, suggested resources are provided as a file attachment, for example, with the Living Atlas recording you can download a PDF document of the slides (see below). 


 View/download the PPT slides from the session

You can access the entire catalog of session recordings HERE. Sessions are easily searchable by day, session type eg. keynote, lightning talk etc...), session level (eg. intro, advanced), or select sessions by product (eg. ArcGIS City Engine, ArcGIS Platform, etc...). 


 Search session recordings by day, type, etc...

So there you have it. You may wish to set aside an hour a day or week to view all the sessions of interest but don't delay for too long as the recordings won't be online indefinitely! 


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