New Small Nonprofit Organization Grant Initiative Encourages GIS as a tool to help nonprofits

08-19-2022 01:32 PM
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GIS helps extend services, attract volunteers, expand donor networks, and shape public policies.

Esri has recently launched a new grant initiative for small nonprofit organizations (domestic only). This is a $1 million grant initiative for the advancement of small nonprofits. Recipients will receive a special bundle of GIS software & an opportunity to team up with a GIS mentor in government, business, or academics. The goal is to introduce GIS as a tool to help nonprofits become more data driven, identify opportunities to connect with doners and volunteers, and to communicate their mission and success more effectively.

Things you can do to  assist:

  • Share details of the Small Nonprofit Organization Grant Initiative with your favorite organizations.
  • Commit to serve as a #GIS mentor for your favorite nonprofit.

Nonprofits can apply here:


To encourage potential applicants, you can also share this new eBook "Leveraging GIS for Nonprofits" which illustrates how nonprofit organizations can leverage GIS in their work.  


See also this article,  Adopting a Nonprofit Builds Stronger Communities (and Just Got Easier)

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