Using non-standard zoom levels in a Tile Map Service

12-04-2015 08:51 AM
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Note that this same issue / question is posted to the GitHub repository as #687

I'm trying to make a start on being able to use a tiled map service which has different levels of detail than the ArcGIS Online Schema and I'm running into issues that I can't quite fathom.

I've a tiled map service which shares the same schema as an ArcGIS Online service, except that the scales at the different LoDs are different.

I've updated the resolutions in the TileMapLayer.js to reflect the resolutions of this map service and whilst it would seem to initially work as you zoom in and out the geography changes. By that I mean you could zoom into France and as the map scale changes you are suddenly looking at Australia - or worse the app is requesting tiles that don't exist (getting 404's)......tile also seem to arranged incorrectly (so a tile for Australia may be put next to a tile from somewhere else so the map looks like gibberish)

Is there something in particular that I'm missing? Can anyone offer any pointers?

Thanks, Tony

BTW, the reason we're looking to do this is that we have a corporate standard for LoDs that all of our leaflet apps are being written to use and so loosing the ability to use AGOL services is not a significant issue at this stage.  Eventually I'd like to see if we can produce an update to the TileMapLayer.js that dynamically builds the necessary resolutions from the service's metadata each time a new layer is created / added - would this generally be of use?

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