CruisePoint for ArcGIS 10

08-17-2014 05:18 PM

CruisePoint for ArcGIS 10

The sample Cruise Point tool was developed to support the creation of forest inventory plot locations on a regular grid and random spacing pattern. This tool can be used to layout and create inventory plots before going into the field to conduct a forest inventory. The tool creates point locations and a corresponding set of tabular records that stored the distance and bearings between plots as they are created. The cruise plot table is not currently optimized for the least amount of travel between plots.

The installation package contained in the zip file includes the ArcGIS 10 Addin file, and the tool documentation file. There are several different methods to install an Addin. Double Click the CruisePointTool_V2.AddIn file to open the Esri ArcGIS Add-in Installation Utility, and then click the Install Add-In button to install the tool. You can also use the ArcMAP Add-In Manager to install the tool. Click Customize > Add-In Manager… to open the dialog, then on the Options tab, click the Add Folder… button to add the folder containing the CruisePointTool_V2.AddIn file. The dialog will automatically install all Add-ins found in the selected folder(s).



I am continuing to get an error with this Add-In. Are there compatibility issues with 10.3? Thanks- SH

Reply from Tim - Tool is not supported in 10.3.

Is there a version of this for Pro and is it possible to add this as a custom geoprocessing tool/widget in WebApp Builder?

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