ArcGIS is free for students due to Covid, but how do i download it?

05-06-2020 06:14 PM
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Hello. ESRI is allowing students to download arcGIS for free due to Covid (Esri Offers Students Free Access to Software for Continued Education through Coronavirus Closures ). I am already an ESRI member. When I follow the link provided, I don't know where to go to download it. The link takes me to but I dont see anything there pertaining to this. Can anyone help please? Thank you so much

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Did you complete the form here?

Become a Member | Learn ArcGIS 

perhaps you have to provide further information .... can't hurt to check

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The link Dan provided is the correct one. We are offering accounts in the Learn ArcGIS organization, which are licensed for ArcGIS Pro and some other products. You will need to sign up to create one of these accounts, and then you'll be able to download ArcGIS Pro. See more information about the offer here: . The account will be valid until August 31st.

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