Using ESRI in military and security environment

01-13-2017 08:54 AM

Using ESRI in military and security environment

Solution with ESRI

-Using of Arcpad

-Reconnaissance (drones)

-Analyze and advise with use information 

-3d solution to view reconnaissance

-Weather with use of terrain

-Future opportunities

-Cyber security and hacking 

-ESRI and the use of drones for security 


In the world of high tech, the military is having a big role. Not only in the Netherlands or on exercises, but also in collaborations like the NATO.
With my 12 years background of working as a military and now working as a civilian for a commercial organisation (Ordina), I will have a good understanding where civilian and military can work together.
Throughout the years the military is using different ways to get their information. I used ESRI to take the analysis and advising for the command troops to the next level. For example, the reconnaissance is taking information (like Arcpad) in front of lines and taking back their information. The sooner they can bring it back, the better the information is to analyse and finally to command the troops.
There are different ways to bring information to your destiny. At the moment this is taking too long and can be done quicker with the right securities.
The use of 3d to show them when using a path whether they will be spotted by threats (or enemy).
This view can be widened by the use of drones for reconnaissance. But ... there are always hackers that can bring them down.
Terrain and weather information for advising are the basis for solutions made for the commanders. They need a good view of the terrain. Is it worth to drive or better to fly. Are there treats in the terrains (like bombs). The commander can use historical views about earlier threats to take even better decisions. 
I will tell you all this in a short journey how to use of ESRI software for military analysis and decision making.



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