Operations Dashboard as a Sharepoint Management Device

01-11-2017 12:03 PM

Operations Dashboard as a Sharepoint Management Device

Harris County Appraisal District GIS Division typically creates and modifies over 15,000 lots, 1,000 Subdivisions, and 1,000 map area changes in a year. Prior to this year, managing, assigning and tracking the completed work for the areas was done by the memorization of Harris County subdivisions and entering numbers each day into an Excel spreadsheet.  Now, the SQL database information is retrieved from Sharepoint and the pertinent data is extracted and modified to be placed as layers into Operations Dashboards using SQL, Python, VB.net and HTML5 and Portal. The data is updated on a regular hourly schedule. Several widgets support the application, and using customized symbology, management can now view at a glance where work is being completed, what stage the work is at, who is completing the work and where unassigned work is located. Each type of work for each person and how many lots each person has completed can be easily queried and displayed in tables. Individual workers also have their own Operation Dashboard apps allowing them to view and query their own individual work and keep track of where they are working in comparison to others.

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Can you possibly give any more info on how you get the data from Sharepoint ---> SQL ---> AGOL --> Dashboard? This would be insanely useful to us if we figured it out.

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