Full stack end to end JavaScript testing with Intern

12-14-2015 10:16 AM

Full stack end to end JavaScript testing with Intern

Intern is an open source stack for efficiently testing all things JavaScript. Learn how Intern can be used to test almost anything, including:

* Multiple environments: Run tests in browsers, Node.js, and in the cloud (BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, TestingBot, Selenium Grid)

* Promises-based async: Uses standard Promises-based APIs for async testing

* Code coverage: Full statement, line, branch, and function coverage data, even with transpiled ES6 or TypeScript code

* Full testing lifecycle support: Unit, integration, and system testing

* Easy continuous integration: Seamless integration with Jenkins, SonarQube, TeamCity, Travis CI, etc.

* Consistent WebDriver experience: Workarounds for known WebDriver defects, making the Selenium experience much more pleasant

We'll look at examples and strategies for each of these features, and briefly look at examples for writing tests against Esri applications, as well as a number of JavaScript toolkits and frameworks including Dojo, React, Angular, jQuery, and more.

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