Python API - Update Alerts

06-04-2019 10:47 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor


I absolutely love using the Python API for arcgis, but I feel like I am constantly being blindsided by updates that affect my scripts which are running on previous versions of the api. My scheduled scripts are managing a lot of different aspects between our portal and arcgis online and even minor changes in how the api interprets things can mean that my scripts will behave entirely differently than how I initially intended when I created it. My automated scripts need to be sustainable otherwise they will eventually be phased out for being too much trouble to manage.


As a bare bones solution to my issue, I think it would useful if I could subscribe to updates on the web page for ArcGIS API for Python. It would also be useful if there was a changelog in the email or the api documentation but that is secondary. Just knowing that an update has happened would give me the chance to check that everything is working normally.


I have a script that creates a copy of user accounts from ArcGIS Online to Portal. Recently the user.role property was changed to no longer support custom roles and instead was split into a new property user.roleid. With this change my script (running on an old version of API), was assigning a default role to the new accounts in Portal because it didn't know how to handle the custom role it was reading from arcgis online.