Arcade Documentation: Joined Tables

03-07-2022 08:35 AM
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Could Esri consider improving the Arcade developer documentation on joined tables?

How do I reference data from a joined table?

You can reference attribute data from a joined table using the square bracket syntax for referencing field names:  $feature["joinKey.fieldName"].

// data from a joined table
var demVotes2016 = $feature["COUNTY_ID.VOTED_DEM_2016"];
var demVotes2012 = $feature["COUNTY_ID.VOTED_DEM_2012"];

// returns % change in votes from 2012 to 2016
Round( ( ( demVotes2016 - demVotes2012 ) / demVotes2012 ) * 100, 2);

That blurb seems misleading. 

More info here: Arcade joined tables: joinKey


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Hi. Thanks for reaching out. Yes, we can improve this. It looks like you specifically refer to the "joinKey", which should be the table name. We can update this in our next documentation update.