DevSummit in Palm Springs - Largest DevSummit Ever!

03-15-2018 06:09 PM
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While being the largest Developer Summit ever, it was hard not to let the excitement of all of the developer community activities go to our heads. With Lightning Talks, SpeedGeeking, and User Presentations, our developer community was given opportunities to share, network, and learn from each other.

Lightning Talks

Taking place on Monday afternoon, the Lightning Talks opened up multiple ideas and projects to the developer community as the presenters shared their unique ways of incorporating Esri tools into their every day tasks. Check out our presenters below:

First name

Last name


Lightning Talk Title




Why it All Matters




Thinking Outside the Map: Combining Technologies for Deeper Understanding




Development of a User-Centered and Agile Software Development design

and development framework for Web GIS



University of Maryland, College Park

Extending ArcGIS Web Applications With Component Based Design



City of Los Angeles Office of Finance

Build for Politicos: 5 Protips for Appealing Government Maps



Assetic Inc.

Asset Lifecycle Modelling in ArcGIS Pro



University of Minnesota

XSEDE and the GISandbox




Speed up the development of your ArcGIS applications using IBM Data Science Experience



Bowling Green State University

Teaching World Geography with Story Maps 


On Tuesday, we continued our developer community events with SpeedGeeking. SpeedGeeking is just like SpeedDating but with developers. There were 14 developers who were ready to share five minutes on a tool, tip or trick, or some feature for users to learn about. After five minutes, the users change stations and learn something new! See some of our presenters and their topics below!

Aaron PulverDude, where’s my breadcrumbs?
Allan Laframboise10 ArcGIS Developer Tools and Techniques You Didn't Know You Needed
David VitaleAutomating Workflows with Python
Deelesh MandloiBuilding Routing and Directions Apps
Eli GregoryDesigning iOS UI for a map
Jacob WasilkowskiCanvas-Flowmap-Layer
Jayson WardRepo-mining: Mining AppStudio templates and public repos.
Jeff JacksonStrategies for Accurate, Battery-efficient Location Tracking on iOS
Kelly HutchinsMake your map accessible
Ken Field So You Want to Make a Map?
Nicholas FurnessA Modular Example Maps App
Niklas KoehnUsing TypeScript for JavaScript Widget Development
Sandie Peters Explore Nearby
Scott M. MacDonaldAutomating your ArcGIS Deployment using ArcGIS Chef Cookbook

User Presentations

On Wednesday and Thursday, we hosted the User Presentations in Mesquite B and C. Attendees were able to stop by during any of the 25-minute slots and listen to their community members share their stories at greater length.

                Wednesday                                                                          Thursday

Mesquite BMesquite CMesquite BMesquite C
Mapping Item Dependencies Across ArcGIS
Seth Lewis
FTTx Network Design in ArcGIS Using Clustering
Chandra Reddy
Esri ArcGIS Online and Serverless Computing: So Long Bare-Metal
Kevin M. Gooss
Everything But the Kitchen Sink: Supporting Large Mobile Maps Offline
Aaron Crary
Creating a Custom Table of Contents in Angular
Brandon Payne
Geek Perspectives: Lessons from Hybrid Mobile GIS
Adnan Bilwani
Building Highly-Scalable, Mobile Apps with ArcGIS Runtime, ArcGIS Enterprise and AWS S3
Jake Shapley
Reservoir Surface Area Mapping in the Lower Mekong Region using Esri Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
Aekkapol Aekakkarrungroj
Real-Time GIS and IOT for Public Safety: A Business Process Model
Reza Nourjou
Visualizing ArcGIS Services with Potree and Three.js
Renardi Tanuwidjaja
Put the “You” in UI: Creating Intuitive User Interfaces using ArcGIS and Survey123
Leah Newman
ArcGIS API for JavaScript: 3.x or 4.x - Why Not Both?
Ian Schmitz
Real-Time Municipal Snow Plow Tracking with GeoEvent Server
Chris Dougherty
Extend Python with ArcGIS Runtime for Qt
Mark Cederholm
So You've Gotten an ArcGIS Insights License…Now What??
Bryan Chastain
No Second Chances: Revolutionizing Archaeological Recording Using the ArcGIS SDK for Java
Sandra Schloen
Chrome Plugin for ArcGIS Server REST Services
Ken Doman
PG&E Digital Catalyst - Building User-Centric iOS Apps for the Enterprise Mobile Workforce using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS
John Ngoi
Rosey Baune
Releasing ArcGIS Runtime Apps with Confidence - a Unit Testing Story
Rebecca Zeckoski
Smart Palettes: Editing in the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET
David Chambers
City of San Diego’s Story of Undergrounding
Sameera Rao
Pipeline Spill Modelling with ArcGIS Pro, .NET and Python
Donnacha Fitton
Leveraging the Power of Databases for Spatial Analysis and Processing
John Reiser
Controlling the Chaos: Establishing Best Practices for Python Scripting
Erica Pfister-Altschul
Connecting Dashboard To Collector Data For Monitoring Appraiser Progress After Harvey Flooding
Tiffany Selvidge
Developing a Web AppBuilder Widget with React and Webpack
Bryan Grill
Integrating Beacon Infrastructure Through Python and ArcGIS Enterprise for Indoor/Outdoor Navigation
Brent Dell
Spatiotemporal Risk Estimation of Traffic Accidents Using Python
Benjamin Acker
Hearing Evidence Mapping Application: The Evolving Life Of Harris County Appraisal District's Collaborative Custom GIS Application
Tiffany Selvidge
Fully Offline Mobile Apps with AppStudio for ArcGIS
Adam Drackley

We had a great time this year and cannot wait for next year's developer events during DevSummit! If you attended any of these events, feel free to share any comments, questions, and/or suggestions you may have! We're all ears and would love to hear of ways we can improve. 

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