Creating a Desktop Add-in with JavaFX and ArcObjects

05-11-2017 11:04 AM
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I am trying to create an ArcMap add-in using ArcObects for Java 10.5.  I want the GUI to be created with JavaFX components.  I am using Eclipse (Mars Version) as my IDE.  I see the ESRI Template to create an add-in project as well as another option to create a JavaFX project.  Since I need to create an add-in with JavaFX components, which project should I start with and how do I modify the project so I can utilize the other functionality.  That is, when I use ESRI templates to create an add-in project, how then do I configure the project to utilize the JavaFX components.   Or if I create a JavaFX project, how then do I configure the project as an ArcMap Add-in?

Any examples out there?

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Here's an example that should help:

GitHub - mshareghi/arcgis-javafx-sample-addin: Sample ArcGIS JavaFX Add-In 

The trick seems to be returning a JFXPanel from your DockableWindow.createUI() implementation.