Changing the labels around a military symbol using the 2525d dictionary render

09-15-2022 07:17 AM
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We are using the 2525d stylex file to draw military symbology and we need to change symbol labels that show outside of the symbol. Currently the dictionary render draws these as a very small font with a halo and they are hard to read. Is it possible to change this in the dictionary render to allow us to remove the halo, increase the size, and possibly change the text?

We would like to change this in the stylex file, but we have not been able to find a location where we can change this. We have found out how to turn off the labels all together, but not change the text. 


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To make these changes you will need to modify them in the stylx file.  The  has examples are how to modify the stylx file.  You can locate the symbols that are used for the labels by opening the Points in the Catalog View and searching for the key word 'Labels'.  This will locate all of the point symbols that are used to label the various symbols is the dictionary.  

You can change the basic properties, like size, for multiple symbols at one time by selecting more than one symbol and then editing the properties on the Symbol tab.

For the other properties, like the halo or the font that is used, you will need to edit the symbols individually for each marker layer in the symbol.  Some of the properties, like the font, are available on the Layer tab.  For others, like the halo, you will need to edit the text symbol that is embedded in each marker layer for the label symbols.  To do this, in the Layers tab select the marker layer and click the drop down for the Shape text symbol and pick format text symbol.  This will open editor for the text properties where you can remove the halo.



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