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ArcGIS Pro Intelligence

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01-16-2021 12:56 AM
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Hi! Can someone guide me that is this ArcGIS Pro Intelligence ( extension comes with ArcGIS Pro (100$) individual license or i have to purchase it separately??


Thanks in advance

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by Anonymous User
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Is the timeline tool only in ArcGIS Pro Intelligence and not in ArcGIS Pro?

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by Anonymous User
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I found that ArcGIS Pro Intelligence is an optional install with ArcGIS Pro.   By default, Intelligence is installed along with Pro.    I also found that to access the new version of Intelligence (2.8), go to Windows Menu/ArcGIS/ArcGIS Pro Intelligence.   

I previously had Pro Intelligence version 2.5 installed and it is still accessible via Windows Menu/ArcGIS Pro for Intelligence.  It is still on my computer.   Note the name difference.  I kept on going this route and was trying to figure out why the new 2.8 version wasn't loading.  Loading this version shows the version number in the upper right on the splash screen.  Loading the version  /ArcGIS/ArcGIS Pro Intelligence does not show a version on the splash screen.  In both splash screens the trademark is date 2020.

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