zero-area topology dirty area

05-11-2010 11:50 AM
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I have a user working with a versioned dataset in ArcSDE (9.3sp1 Oracle 10G2 on AIX). Our custom tools will not allow him to move forward if a dirty area exists, but he cannot see one. Looking at the dirtyarea table for this topology, I found one where the EMINX & Y were both 9223371637 and the EMAXX & Y were both -400, and the area is 0 (that's correct the minimum values are way larger than the maximums). Now if I look at another dirty area, it seems to have more reasonable X&Y values (in Lat/Long), and an actual area.

The user is unable to validate the dirty area... using the "validate entire topology" tool does nothing. It is as though we have created the black hole of dirty areas. If anyone has experienced this and found a way to clear it up (or prevent it from happening again), I'm open to suggestions! Thanks.
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