World Geocoder failing to locate intersection in unincorporated Colorado

12-02-2013 06:53 PM
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Hi.  I am attempting to use the REST service to geocode an intersection outside a municipality.  I was having a problem in one county, so decided to try one nearby - where I know the roads.  Basically, I don't understand the syntax required to locate an intersection when a City name/Zip are not available.  I know the county, and the intersection is unique within the county.  I've also tried using the "location" parameter to help it along.  All to no avail.

What is the proper way to geocode locations that are not in a city, and where the zip is not available? 

Example of trying to find Valmont Road & N 95th Ave in Boulder County, CO:
The location found is nowhere near the proper location.  The location used is in a nearby town. (5 miles away)

(here is a link to a google map showing the correct, and incorrect locations:

Since the intersection is in a County, it is possible to know all the possible zip codes in the county and query each one, but that seems very inefficient.  Any suggestions?

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