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Workflows for managing and serving multispectral satellite data

10-26-2013 03:59 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
Esri is publishing documentation regarding workflows and best practices for management and serving of a variety of types of image data. An overview of common workflow considerations appears as the first chapter in the Image Management Guidebook in the ArcGIS Help system. 

The starting page for information regarding these Image Management Workflows is here.

An example workflow specific for imagery from Landsat 8 has been implemented in a Python geoprocessing (GP) tool with an associated configuration file, available for free download in ArcGIS Online (see this group). 

The example GP tool is based on MDCS (Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script).  MDCS automates the process of creating and configuring mosaic datasets, then populating them with data. MDCS uses detailed configuration files to encapsulate �??best practices�?� for complete end-to-end processing of different image types.

This post will provide a starting point for users to share questions and answers regarding the workflow for multispectral satellite data. If you have contributions to this discussion, please respond to this post. If you feel a need to begin a new post, please be sure to TAG the post with image_management, workflow, and MDCS so others may search for related posts.
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