Which ISO standards to adopt

02-26-2015 12:17 AM
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What are the right ISO standards that can be adopted for describing geospatial Geodatabase and Metadata ?




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The ISO 19100 series refers to a suite of international standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 211 (TC 211) concerning geographic information and geomatics. This series of standards aims to provide a consistent framework for managing, handling, and communicating geographic information.

Here's an overview of some of the key standards within the ISO 19100 series:

  1. ISO 19101: Geographic Information – Reference Model

    • This introduces the concepts and principles for geographic information.
  2. ISO 19105: Geographic Information – Conformance and Testing

    • Sets the framework for conformance and testing.
  3. ISO 19107: Geographic Information – Spatial Schema

    • Deals with the spatial characteristics of geographic information.
  4. ISO 19108: Geographic Information – Temporal Schema

    • Concerned with the temporal aspects of geographic data.
  5. ISO 19109: Geographic Information – Rules for Application Schema

    • Presents rules for creating detailed data models for geographic data.
  6. ISO 19111: Geographic Information – Spatial Referencing by Coordinates

    • Defines how geographic information is spatially referenced using coordinate values.
  7. ISO 19112: Geographic Information – Spatial Referencing by Geographic Identifiers

    • Concerned with referencing geographic information by location names or codes, rather than by coordinates.
  8. ISO 19113: Geographic Information – Quality Principles

    • Provides the principles for describing the quality of geographic data.
  9. ISO 19115: Geographic Information – Metadata

    • Sets out how metadata (data about data) should be structured and used to describe geographic data and services.
  10. ISO 19119: Geographic Information – Services

    • Defines a framework and categories for geographic services.
  11. ISO 19123: Geographic Information – Schema for Coverage Geometry and Functions

    • Deals with continuous data like elevation, temperature, etc., and how it varies across a geographic space.
  12. ISO 19125: Geographic Information – Simple feature access

    • Defines a standard for accessing vector geographic data (features) based on simple geometry (points, lines, polygons).
  13. ISO 19128: Geographic Information – Web Map Server Interface

    • Specifies how map images can be requested from and served on the web.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as the ISO 19100 series contains many more standards that dive deeper into specific aspects of geographic information. The main goal of the ISO 19100 series is to ensure interoperability and consistent management of geographic data across various applications and services worldwide.

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