Where are Topology Errors in Registered as Versioned data stored?

11-11-2016 01:59 AM
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I have a geodatabase on SQL server 14, and I want to access/view the results of a topology geoprocess  on Registered as Versioned dataset. Does anybody knows where this piece of information is stored when data is Registered as Versioned? The tables T_1_POLYERROS,T_1_POINTERROS,T_1_LINEERROS as I can understand contains the results of the Validation tool but when the data is NOT Registered as Versioned or when you reconcile/Compress the geodatabase, so I am guessing that there must be somewhere that the results are stored when data is Registered as Versioned, Where??

Another thing that I figured out is that when trying to access the results through python script (arcpy.ExportTopologyErrors_management) I get the correct data, but where are they stored in the Geodatabase?



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