When I tried to sync my geodatabase with feature server, I got DBMS table not found error, but that table exists. Needs help

02-23-2018 08:20 AM
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The local geodatabase was not downloaded from the featureserver using GeoDatabaseSyncTask. The table SEABIRDPROFILE exists in local geodatabase.

But when I tried to sync, I got the following error:

Data Export for Replica with GlobalId: 1B35995B-1767-4D72-8BE3-3F433EA233A4 failed. DBMS table not found [ORA-04043: object RAFT_EDIT.SEABIRDPROFILE does not exist]. Replica: RAFT_EDIT.Ags_Fs_1519399680027.

Can someone help?

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We just solved a very similar issue.

Our error on SQL Server was

SEVEREFeb 27, 2018, 1:00:34 PMFailed to export data changes message for replica with Guid: {69E61096-45DA-40FD-9F60-716D28CF2D0D}. Failed to export data changes to replica.System/SyncTools.GPServer
SEVEREFeb 27, 2018, 1:00:33 PMFailure in processing exports for Replica: GISREADER.Ags_Fs_1519696722087 [GUID: {69E61096-45DA-40FD-9F60-716D28CF2D0D}]. Replica: GISREADER.Ags_Fs_1519696722087.System/SyncTools.GPServer
SEVEREFeb 27, 2018, 1:00:33 PMData Export for Replica with GlobalId: 69E61096-45DA-40FD-9F60-716D28CF2D0D failed. DBMS table not found. Replica: GISREADER.Ags_Fs_1519696722087.System/SyncTools.GPServer

Our issue was that our services used in the offline app where connecting to the database as GISREADER.

GISREADER is a read only account.

We changed the service to connect with an account with write permission and after making a new replica all was good.

PS even with the above errors the newly created features still synced

PPS replicas created with GISREADER still synced when the database connection was changed, though a bunch of "Error: The item was not found" were logged.

PPPS Ags_FS_* gets written to one of the SDE tables ... maybe RAFT_EDIT does not have permissions to that.

Hope this helps

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As GIS Support above mentioned- oftentimes the DBMS table not found / does not exist is due to an underlying permissions issue wherein the requesting user (RAFT_EDIT) does not have adequate privileges to read or write to the necessary table. Since in this case, they own the table- I'd try to ensure that if there are any related objects (relationship class tables, etc.) to the SEABIRDPROFILE table- that RAFT_EDIT also has the necessary permissions to the related objects as well. I hope this is helpful!

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