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When converting MS Worksheet with lat/long to shapefile, Worksheet file will round the 10 digit(double), last digit will always be zero

02-22-2017 04:39 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi, I am running into an issue and still very confused why this is happening.

Is anyone able help me reproduce this issue with ArcMap 10.3 ?  I logged a ticket with ESRI Support but they are not able to reproduce it on their end, they are using ArcMap 10.4 

I am using Windows 7 64bit and ArcMap 10.3 and Excel 2013

Issue: When converting Worksheet with lat/long to shapefile, Worksheet file will round the 10 digit phone number field (double), last digit will always be zero. No issue with CSV file.

Here are the steps: 

  1.  Open New Excel worksheet. Add the headings -  Name, Phone, Latitude, Longitude.  Add a record, i used a retail store for Petco in SD - Google Maps. Save File as a Excel workbook(default) as Test.xlsx

2.  Using the Catalog window in ArcMap, convert Sheet 1 within Test.xlsx to Shapefile (Create Feature Class) > From XY Table > Coordinates System (WGS 1984). 

3. Open Test.shp and compare phone field -  The phone field will be 8586130200. The correct value should be 8586130197. 

I found this article - Formatting numeric fields in tables—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop   but I dont seem to be able to make adjustment to display the correct value.

I have attached the file for testing. 

Thank you! 

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Make your phone column in worksheet as general or text.

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