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WFS version 2.0.0 no features

07-29-2015 11:04 AM
New Contributor

In 10.22 I had some services that I needed to be published at certain WFSServiceTypeVersion (version 1.1.0) - I upgraded to 10.3 and despite the version I put into the service editor for the WFS service type version (such as 1.1.0), the service defaults to 2.0. It will honor the version if put into the URL (&version=1.1.0), but I need it to default to the version at which I published the service. Here's an example:

I tried changing the parameters names(listed below) but that didn't fix the problem in which that I can't get feature request. this is also not fixed in the new update in 10.3.1. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem?

There are also two changes to parameter names which can cause confusion. WFS 2.0.0 uses thecount parameter to limit the number of features returned rather than the maxFeatures parameter used in previous versions. It also changed typeName to typeNames although GeoServer will accept either. WFS basics — GeoServer 2.7.x User Manual

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