Vector vs Raster: File types for web publishing

11-01-2013 06:09 AM
New Contributor
I'm looking for some input on a publishing conundrum. I have created an extensive series of maps in ArcMap that are to be published on the web site of the gov't agency I work for. Normally, our publishing group mandates the file format to be .png or .gif, but we've found any raster based file type to look poor given file size limitations (max 700 pixel width). The publishing folks have decided to be flexible and we are looking into vector based file types to use for the maps. PDF is not an option for them. I've been reading up on EPS and SVG. I'm looking for any opinions on the best file format for publishing 200-plus maps on the web. If you have any experience with government-mandated restrictions (i.e. 508 compliance) that info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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