Using sdeimport will generate mojibake in Oracle 11g

01-22-2014 12:20 AM
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I am doing a data conversation from ArcSDE 9.0 Oracle9i  Build 325 to ArcSDE 10.1  for Oracle11g Build 679
I run the following command with sde9.0
sdeexport -o create -t BLDG -f BLDG.sdeexp -s -u xxx -p xxx

and then run the following in sde 10.1
sdetable -o delete -t BLDG -u xxx -p xxx -N
sdeimport -o create -t BLDG -f BLDG.sdeexp -u xxx-p xxx

However, all the chinese characters are incorrect(mojibake) in database, please advice, thank you.

PS: for the set SDE_SQLCHARSET=big5, please refer to page 71 - 73
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
First off, that website is in violation of copyright law -- Even old documentation,
in fact, especially old documentation is not "public".  Second, ancient documentation
doesn't apply to modern software (and 8.3 SQL-Server variables don't apply to
Oracle ArcSDE clients).  Third, Oracle is quirky when it comes to international
character support -- you're probably missing a number of environment variables,
in both ArcSDE instances, before this transfer will work (and that assumes that
the database was originally instantiated with a character set which is compatible
with your target).

What character set did you use with your servers?
How is the NLS_LANG variable set?
Are you using an application server or Direct Connect?
Does the souirce database contain properly encoded UTF-8 or UTF-16 strings?

- V
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