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Using Points To Line (Data Management) Tool to make migration routes

10-27-2014 06:36 PM
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I have a data from obituaries which my students have created currently in csv format.  In each feature there is a city of birth and a city of death.  I plan to geocode the points when I add them to ArcGIS based upon these two attributes.  I would like to crate a polyline from these points which will demonstrate the path from birth to death for each person.  In the end I would like to have a polyline for each person that illustrates, essentially the path of their life.  Is there a better way to accomplish this than to use the Points To Line (Data Management) tool?  If not, what is the best workflow for this?

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Not sure if you are still watching this thread, but I just responded to a similar post:

Re: Creating Polylines to track migration

The script creates curves like these.


Will probably convert into script and include taking the attributes of the table with it. Then you can symbolize the lines using values from the input.

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I added the toolbox at the other thread: Re: Creating Polylines to track migration

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