Using ArcGIS Desktop "ArcMap" 10.8.1 with 10.9.1 geodatabases???

12-15-2022 02:34 PM
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We’ve had several clients recently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1 with an enterprise geodatabase upgraded to 10.9.1.

Is there an official list of functionalities that are not supported, will not work with this combination???

I’ve heard anecdotally that editing geometric networks using ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1 and a 10.9.1 geodatabase is NOT supported.

But our users have tried it and have thus far not encountered issues.

Another client is concerned about topologies they are using.

Is there an externally facing documentation page, like a “What’s New in 10.9.1” page or Deprecation Notification page we can point users to???


1. Client and geodatabase compatibility


2. Deprecation FAQ Article - old releases

FAQ: What are the deprecation plans for ArcGIS products? (

3. Deprecation FAQ has moved

Going forward use the Esri Support Product Pages

choose the product and click the "Deprecation" icon

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