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URGENT: Field Mapping not recognizing the fields in VRP

04-18-2015 03:53 AM
New Contributor

I have created VRP using a model builder. Everything looks working fine other than the "load location" for Orders. Depots and Routes are directly called so they were fine however, Orders were little different. I had the feature class with store locations however it misses the service days, service weeks, time windows, service time. So for service time and time windows i have fixed values so I am using the default numbers.

For service days and service weeks I added two fields and using Field Calculator - python script loaded the values in the original feature class. Now the problem is on a particular day in a week when you want to generate the routes it is not done for all the stores. So wrote a python script that selects the features(stores) as per user input Service Day and Service Week. I want the selected rows to go in the load locations for the orders. However I think my manual tool creates a new feature layer which since doesn't exist in the geodatabase, upon selecting load locations for orders, field mapping is not able to recognize the fields.

Does anyone has any suggestions? How to fix it? Please find some snapshots for further clarifications.

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