Unmatched addresses with candidates tied not showing anything

06-14-2019 06:11 AM
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I'm geocoding a large (~50k) set of addresses.  During the review/rematch there are hundreds of records with candidates tied, but when I try to 'Show Results' for 'unmatched addresses with candidates tied' no records show up despite there being hundreds and hundreds of records with ties.

This is annoying.  I'd like to rectify all the ties, as they're clean valid addresses, but sifting through thousands of records to find them is super tedious.

This filter worked in 9.x.

Windows 7


US Dual Range Addresses locator, min match score 100.

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Did the filter work in ArcMap 9.x or in ArcMap 10.4.1 with a 9.x locator?

You have the option to create your own query of just the tied results and once the query is created it will be available to you in subsequent sessions of ArcMap. This query would show all the records that have a status of tied or tied with a score > 0. You could also create a query of Status = 'T' AND Score = 100

The other option for you is to set the 'Match if best candidates tie' setting in the locator properties to 'No', which means you will only have matched and unmatched addresses to review in the Interactive Review/Rematch dialog. NO records in the geocode result will have a Status of 'T' in the attribute table, which means you'd have to review all of the unmatched.

Match if best candidates tie

If an address locator finds two or more reference features that have the same highest match score but the geometry of the features is different, you can specify whether to match an address arbitrarily to one of these features. Use this setting to specify whether to arbitrarily match these addresses or leave them unmatched. In either case, you can review addresses with tied candidates whether or not they are matched during the interactive review process.

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