Unicode/Codepage problem

01-24-2012 09:32 AM
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Hi Guys,

I have a Codepage issue, and for now I am a bit stumpped

My original source data contains multiple country data delivered in SHP (UTF-8). The data is then merged into a File GeoDB as the data is too large for the 2gb SHP/DBF limit. Previously I was able to use the *.CPG method with a smaller SHP dataset to correctly display the data that contains caracters that matches ANSI (ê, ë, ô, etc.). Now that the data is in a File GeoDB I am not able to use this method.

Strangely enough, I changed the codepage of the SHP-UTF8 data to SHP-ANSI of a single file using a FME process, then imported the data into a File GeoDB and the data then displayed correctly in ArcMap.

Now transforming all the source SHP-UTF8 data to SHP-ANSI is quite a timely process (many files that makes up a big dataset), so my question is if it is possible to set the CodePage of the data in a File GeoDB so that the source merged dataset would display correct?

The UTF8 based data looks like this : Ko�?¶perasie Street
where it should look like (ANSI): Koöperasie Street



PS. This is a duplicate post from Unicode-problems!!!  as I think it is better suited for this forum.
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